Information about the iPhone 12 iOS 14 have been leaked directly from Apple’s supplier: the problem is serious

For a long time, Apple has fought against the Leaker to prevent leaks such as to clear the hype and the surprise effect. The company, at the times of Jobs, was really keen on secrecy, and were made a number of assumptions important in order to achieve this purpose.

With time, we are sure that Apple has never changed this intention and has always tried to remain mysterious, their products and their software, but with poor, scarce, results.

And’ from years that we now know everything in advance, with regard to both the hardware and software. On the iPhone 12 has been spoilerato it all, the same happened for the iPhone IF the iPhone 11, and the first one still. Also iOS 14 , this year has been leakato.

According to some sources, a pre-release version of iOS 14 was already leaked in the month of February, when the iPhone “demo” was purchased for thousands of dollars directly from the supply chain of Apple in China. On board of this smartphone there was iOS 14, or, better, a build dating back to December 2019.

It is clear that in this version of iOS 14 and there were all the new things that will be the firmware when it will be released on the 22nd of June, however, some features have already been unveiled in preview and we have gathered in this article on iSpazio.

Apparently there is a hashtag on Twitter, #AppleInternals, which is used for the trading of software, hardware, and documents the Apple, as well as on Weibo, the social network chinese corresponding to Twitter.

Are always more people who acquire illegally private material Apple and spread it on the internet, losing to the company that factor the “wonder” that in the early years of the iPhone left us delighted and happy. This year, also because of the smart working, the leak is unprecedented. Were spoilerati even glasses. It is a problem that the company should review very carefully.