On the Apple TV+ is available for the penultimate episode of the excellent thriller, Defending Jobs, in addition to the special episode of the Mythic Quest. In the meantime, the platform has received 17 nominations for the Daytime Emmy.


New Episodes

The seventh and penultimate episode of Defending Jacob is available today and continues the story of the history of judicial of the young protagonist. As with the previous episode, also in this case, the entire episode is available only in English language with Italian subtitles because of the pandemic that has blocked for weeks the work of the voice actors.

In Defending Jacob (“In defense of Jacob,” the Italian translation), the lives of a family are shattered when the son is accused of the murder of her classmate. The roles of the three main protagonists are interpreted Chris Evans, Michelle Dockery and’jaeden Martell.

On the Apple TV+ is available from today, a special episode of the Mythic Quest set during the period of quarantine:

While the staff of the software house, working from home, Poppy struggles with loneliness, and Brad and David start a charity contest.

The episode was filmed by remote in three weeks thanks to the use of 40 iPhone and 20 sets of AirPods provided by Apple. Every actor has used three iphones to shoot the scenes, since the producers have chosen a different approach than other series that have had similar ideas. For the scenes in which the actors would have to use the webcam of their laptop was propped an iPhone on the laptop to film using the camera on your smartphone. The actors have interpreted the scenes talking directly to each other via the AirPods.

Daytime Emmy

Apple TV+ has received 17 nominations at the Daytime Emmy, awards dedicated to content for children. The candidates are “Ghostwriter”, “Helpsters”, “Peanuts in Space: Secrets of the Apollo 10” and “Snoopy in Space”.

The Daytime Emmy awards dedicated to the best programs for the whole family, with particular attention to the content for the little ones

Ghostwriter” is a remake of the classic PBS in the early ’90s with a new twist. Today, the characters help save the classic literary characters and bring them back to the correct size. These are the nominations:

  • The writing is exceptional for a program for children or young adults
  • Directed exceptional for a program for children or young adults
  • Main title and graphics are exceptional for a program of live action
  • Excellent management of the lighting
  • The cinematography is exceptional
  • Outstanding sound editing for a program of live action
  • Design / exceptional style of the costume
  • Exceptional costumes, makeup, and hairstyles with special effects

Helpster is a children’s series, with characters in each episode to help people in the flesh to solve their problems. The series also aims to teach children some of the key concepts of coding.

These are the nominations:

  • Exceptional series for preschool children
  • The writing is exceptional for a program for children or young adults
  • Outstanding editing for a single camera
  • Design / style of the costumes
  • Exceptional costumes, makeup, and hairstyles with special effects

Peanuts in Space” with Ron Howard in the role of himself and Jeff Goldblum who plays the role of “historian of NASA”, trying to figure out if Snoopy was an astronaut, a top-secret. “Peanuts in Space” takes its inspiration from the fact that the real Apollo 10 had a command module named “Charlie Brown” and lunar module called “Snoopy”:

  • Special prize – day program of short duration
  • Writing exceptional for a special series
  • Outstanding editing for a single camera

Snoopy in space follows Snoopy as he chases his dream of becoming an astronaut. Nominated as best short for children.

Apple TV+ quarantine

A new report suggests that Apple TV+ is not enjoying the same wave of stream that has struck other similar services during the quarantine:

The stream Apple TV+ in march and April were not higher than those of February, according to the research company Antenna, which suggests that the growth of subscribers of the streaming service is slow compared to during the pandemic coronavirus.

The report notes that platforms like Disney+ and Hulu have gained many new subscribers since the beginning of the epidemic, since many people are forced to stay home. This is not the case with Apple TV+, perhaps because of the few content available.