Apple starts mass production of AirPods Study

Recently we have heard of over-ear headphones in Combinationand, that is rumored to be called “AirPods Study” and it seems that the headphones will be released very soon.

Rumors have generally suggested a launch in summer or autumn for AirPods Study, with a report earlier this week that states that providers in Vietnam will begin to ship the first units to Apple in June or July, but a new report from taiwanese site DigiTimes indicates thatproduction of the new headset is already in progress.

The suppliers of the headphones will Unitech Printed Circuit Board and Compeq Manufacturing, say the sources. AirPods Study might be already presented at the WWDC 2020.

The famous leaker Prosser, had previously revealed that the code name of the headphones is B515 and will have a price of 349 dollars. The interesting thing is that Apple will not use the trademark Beats for these headphones, but rather will be part of the line of AirPods.

The headphones will be presenting a completely new design, even if we don’t know much, we know some of the details shared by Bloomberg.

It is said that Apple is working on two versions of the headphones, high-end, including a premium version with a tissue-like skin and a model focused on fitness using lighter materials and breathable with small holes for better air flow.

The prototypes of the headphones have been described as having a “retro” look with circumaural earpieces that rotate together on a strip connected with thin arms and metal.

Bloomberg says that the Apple headphones will present replaceable components magnetically, allowing the user to customize the product to their own style and ergonomics.