Google has announced a number of new accessibility features coming soon on its platforms and its software services. The function “accessible Locations” on Maps we have already talked about, but there is a lot of other irons in the fire; that is:

  • Action Blocks: designed for those with cognitive disabilities or in general to remember the steps to do certain things with the smartphone. Create a sort of widget on the homescreen of Android, large and easily identifiable, which perform a specific action, such as, for example, call a contact, turn off the lights, smart or watch a series on Netflix. In fact, the pool of shares that can be draw is exactly the same as Google Assistant. The app is on the Play Store, for free, of course.
  • Transcript Snapshot (Live Transcribe): is an app that speech-to-text in real-time designed for those who has hearing problems. Is there by 2019, but today, they come several changes:

    • The smartphone vibrates when a person nearby says the name of the user
    • Ability to add names or custom terms to certain places and objects that are not in the dictionary. This helps Live Transcribe to be more precise in the recognition of words.
    • Search bar to find more easily the content of the transcripts earlier. The saving of transcripts must be activated from settings; each conversation will remain on the device for a maximum of three days.
    • New languages supported: Albanian, Catalan, Estonian, Macedonian, Mongolian, punjabi and Uzbek.
  • Amplifier (Sound Amplifier): is an app which, as is easy to guess, it amplifies the sounds for those with hearing problems. Now also works with Bluetooth headsets: in this way you can, for example, leave your smartphone close to the sound source (the TV speakers, or a person, such as a teacher)

Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier are on the Play Store and are for free: to download, you just need to click here and HERE.