Amazon the First Day it may have been moved to September @BitFeedCo.

In spite of the coronavirus has not impacted much on the finances of the Amazon (indeed, the revenue apparently increased), the company is aware of the difficulties people are going through from financial point of view. In this regard, a new newspaper is reporting that the Amazon First Day, each time organized for the month of July, could be moved by two months to September. A previous indiscretion of April he claimed the sale could have been delayed until August, but it seems that Amazon is granting you an extra month to stock up.

Citing “people familiar with the matter”, the WSJ says that the delay will allow Amazon to create space for more inventory and prepare for shipment of most types of products, following the recent restrictions on shipping only for certain items “essential”.

The sources claim that the transition from the current situation to normality, large-fast delivery we are used to it may take months. We do not know what effect this might have on the profits of Amazon, but probably would hurt to sellers of the third party to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day to discount their products and to increase the volume of business.

Amazon has positioned their First Day in a strategic manner in the month of July, distanziandolo enough from the Black Friday of November from the christmas offers. In this way, you are assured a window of exclusive sales on its e-commerce summer, even if now for a couple of years the competition is running for cover with each of the chain of electronics that offers of promotions.

I wonder if the greater proximity of the Black Friday and the christmas holidays will have an impact on the volume of business.


Amazon the First Day it may have been moved to September @BitFeedCo.