Triumph dedicsamente important for the commercial Bounce dedicated to the AirPods Apple. The commercial won in fact, the award “Best of the Disciplines” at the ADC Awards.


The spot, much appreciated for the direction, and creativity, was released in the month of June 2019 to sponsor the highly successful AirPods Apple. In the spot, the protagonist, after wearing the earphones of the Apple, prowls the streets, jumping and bouncing on every surface; the direction and photography are without any doubt the highest point of this small production with a duration of two minutes.

The commercial created by TBWAMedia Arts Lab, long-time partner of Apple, takes home two Gold Cube in the category of video content , and content-branded. In the dedicated page of the website of the ADC Awards is also available an interesting behind-the-scenes that leads us to the discovery of the phases of this spectacular spot dedicated to the Apple earbuds.

Bounce, however, is not the only spot Apple to have won some recognition. The spot of the AirPods Pro set inside the Apple Store around the world has ottienuto a Silver Cube, the symbol of “The Morning Show” has won a Bronze Cube, and the video “Snowbrawl” he won a Bronze Cube.