On the Apple TV+ will be available soon in a special episode of the series “the Mythic Quest”, shot entirely during the lockdown, thanks to the use of 40 iPhone distributed among the various members of the cast.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet

The co-creators of the Mythic Quest had several doubts on the opportunity to shoot a special episode during the pandemic of COVID-19, but have proposed the idea as a creative choice that was immediately accepted with enthusiasm by Apple.

The series, whose first season is completely available on the Apple TV+, it will return a single episode that has as its protagonist the quarantine, with all the actors connected remotely from their homes. To turn this bet were only used iPhone.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the co-creators Rob McElhenney and Megan Ganz told in detail how the idea was born and how it was structured.

McElhenney, who also plays the main character of the series, launched this project without too many hopes, but in the end, Apple has embraced the idea with much enthusiasm: “Apple has immediately embraced the project and quickly responded to my ideas, bringing iPhone and other equipment to the actors and staff on the same afternoon“.

The theme of this special episode is simple and tells the story of how the quarantine has affected the software house and its employees, forced to work and interface from home each with its situations and its problems. There will be video conferencing, characters who try to stop the quarantine and issues related to donation and charity, all with the usual funny tone of the series.

mythic quest quarantena

The episode was filmed by remote in three weeks thanks to the use of 40 iPhone and 20 sets of AirPods provided by Apple. Every actor has used three iphones to shoot the scenes, since the producers have chosen a different approach than other series that have had similar ideas. For the scenes in which the actors would have to use the webcam of their laptops has been inserted the iPhone into the laptop to film using the camera on your smartphone. The actors have interpreted the scenes talking directly to each other via the AirPods.

The company has been so struck by this episode that he is going to send it to the Emmy’s. Among other things, during these three weeks, the cast and crew of the Mythic Quest have raised $ 300,000 to donate to the NGO Mercy Corps

The co-creators say that you have created an episode on coronaviruses and on quarantine, it makes it all very real even in a show’s imagination. “The whole world has changed,” said McElhenny. “When we come back to function – and we have no idea when it will be – the series is set in an office and we have to understand how to be an office. None of us knows it yet.”

In the episode “the Mythic Quest: Quarantine” will be available from 22 may on Apple TV +. The series Mythic Quest follows the adventures of a software house that has created the eponymous game of success and now finds himself having to launch a major expansion of the same.