The last beta of WhatsApp for iOS integrates the long-awaited support for QR codes, which can be read and managed directly from the app.

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The new version still in beta, offers the ability to encrypt chat history backed up to iCloud and, above all, provides the support for the codes Qand R. in particular, the new feature lets you generate a QR code for personal that you can then share with your friends, so that they can easily find you on WhatsApp.

whatsapp qr codes

Also, if you happen to share the QR code with the wrong person, you can restore it and generate a new one, without limitations on how many times you can do this. It is important to note that with the sharing of the QR code, you’re also sharing your phone number, then this function does not need to communicate in an anonymous way.

This news should come early in an update on the App Store.