Serious Sam 4 will be an exclusive Google Ruler and PC until 2021 @BitFeedCo.

As Sony and Microsoft knows, the secret to make a platform for gaming success is also due to the number of exclusive titles that can count. The fourth chapter of the popular series of first person shooter game Serious Sam is in the works from some time, and developer Croteam has revealed more details about the game in the last few hours. It is interesting to note that Google has obtained exclusive access to Serious Sam 4 for the platform Staff, by blocking the release of the game on console until next year.

Serious Sam 4 has all the violence exaggerated dialogues and the bad taste that you would expect from a game of Serious Sam, but will also introduce new gameplay mechanics, weapons and enemies. “Humanity is under siege while the whole force of the hordes of mental spreads throughout the world, laying waste to what remains of a civilization destroyed and defeat,“ reads the description of Steam. “The last resistance remaining to the invasion is the defense Force of the Earth, led by Sam “Serious” Stone and his heavily-armed team of commandos misfits.”

Serious Sam 4 will therefore be only playable on the streaming platform Google Staff when it will be released in August of this year. Kotaku has confirmed that the agreement with Google prevents to the publisher Devolver Digital to release the game on consoles until 2021.

The only exclusive games of the Staff so far have been Gylt and Get Packed, making Serious Sam 4 the first title in the mainstream, that Google has grabbed as a “Staff Exclusive“.

In short, a shot is great for Google Staff, who hopes to earn as many users as possible in order to already have a small advantage in respect of the Project xCloud Microsoft, intended to launch alongside the Xbox Series X (we are testing it by a couple weeks).


Serious Sam 4 will be an exclusive Google Ruler and PC until 2021 @BitFeedCo.