How to make the switch from Google Play Music YouTube Music @BitFeedCo.

Now it’s official: by the end of the year there will be the final transition between the Google Play Music YouTube Music, with the first one that will close its doors forever. A few days ago we showed you how to work the passage of all the data (Likes, Playlists, radio etc) from one service to another but we have also reported that Google is doing a staggered.

In this article, instead, we’ll show you how to speed up the procedure and ensure that the account is being chosen earlier than the other. However this is not an absolute certainty but only a way to tell Google of our interest in speeding the procedure.

Google has published a form that allows those interested to enter their email associated with the Google Play Music and their own nationality and to let you know of the colossus of the web of be interested in be among the first to be able to perform the step.

Our advice is, if you are a user of Google Play Music, you start to “get used” YouTube Music using it from now on, even if none of your data is still synchronized. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the new service (which we recall to be available on mobile through the official app or via the web) and be a bit more prepared when will be the time of your turn.

Before leaving, we want to remember that YouTube Music currently has about 20 million subscribers, which, although they may seem to many, are only a fraction of those on whom you can count Apple Music and Spotify.

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How to make the switch from Google Play Music YouTube Music @BitFeedCo.