Today, Apple celebrates the world Day of accessibility with several new features on its websites and services, aimed at promoting inclusion and access to technology for all people with disabilities.

On the first page of today there is a new section with the slogan “Created for all. Designed for you” that you link to the page on accessibility of the company, where they are highlighted a series of personal stories and features of Apple products intended for people with disabilities.

In the App Store, instead, the section Now has several cards with the theme “Designed for accessibility“. The cards highlight stories about accessibility in the app, including the monitoring of the paraciclismo on Strava, the app Voice Dream Reader, a mode color blind in Tint, the assistant to the hearing SonicCloud and the character customization options including the Toca Life World for children.

Finally, with most Apple stores are still closed, the company continues to focus on moving the online sessions Today at Apple, thanks to its video series Today at the Apple at Home and a new session on transitions and loops in the app Clips made by Apple, Carnegie Library entirely in sign language (american). Also included are narrative audio, and subtitles.