Samsung Pay is compatible with the circuit Component @BitFeedCo.

After celebrating 5 years of presence on the market, Samsung has that Samsung Pay a further step forward in Italy, announcing the compatibility of the service with the circuit Component.

It is a good news which allows you to Samsung Pay to expand even more its compatibility with the debit cards in Italy. In the initial phase of this compatibility, the first cards enabled to the service, are those of Intesa Sanpaolo, UBI and Cash the Central Bank , but in the future it is expected an expansion on this front.

“Thanks to the enabling of the cards of the Circuit pago bancomat, Samsung contributes even more to the processes of transformation taking place in the field of electronic payments in Italy. And, today, we mark a further step towards the so-called cashless society, that in Italy is becoming more and more a reality capable of making different types of concrete benefits to the whole system. And with the continued development of services related to Samsung Pay, our company adds another key element in the direction of the transformation of the smartphone in tools fully mobile, able to really improve the life of users and help to accelerate the digital transformation in Italy,” says Charles Carollo, Vice-chairman of the telephone division of Samsung Electronics Italy.

For the uninitiated, Samsung Pay is a service (exclusive of Galaxy smartphones with NFC chip) which allows you to pay in physical stores (and online) approaching the smartphone to the POS. With respect to the use of paper has the advantage of “tokenizzare” the number of the card is not communicating it to the dealer and keep everything in the “Secure Element” of smartphones (unlike Google Pay, which keeps everything in the Google server).

Finally, please remember that Samsung Pay is ready to receive a debit card issued directly from Samsung, so as to have an even more integrated.


Samsung Pay is compatible with the circuit Component @BitFeedCo.