IGB Electronica vs. Apple: the legal battle for the trademark iPhone

Apple has been involved in a long-standing dispute on the trademark “iPhone” in Brazil, which has been revived today by IGB Electronica, a brazilian company of consumer electronics that has originally registered the name iPhone in 2000, seven years before the first Apple iPhone.

Apple has tried to cancel the registration of the trade mark IGB Electronica in 2013, which sparked the current litigation.

IGB Electronica with the name Gradient has produced a line of Android smartphones with the brand IPHONE in Brazil in 2012, and there was a period in which the brazilian company were granted exclusive rights on the trademark. That judgment is not lasting, however, and in the end, Apple and IGB have both decided to use the name in the country.

Apple has tried to prevent the IGB to use the brand name, while the latter attempted to regain his exclusive access to the brand. A decision of 2018, has confirmed a ruling in 2013 that gave both companies permission to use the mark.

With the most recent IGB aims to reverse the decision of 2018, but the case could take years to get a ruling from the federal supreme Court the supreme of the country. The IGB is in the process of judicial recovery of 2018 and has lost almost 1 billion brazilian Real, then the company could hope for in a payment by Apple to put an end to the dispute.