Grayshift has begun marketing a software tool able to detect the password of an iPhone without having to do any “cracking” of the device.

Grayshift is a company known for its flagship product GrayKey, a forensics tool digital can bypass the encryption on the iPhone. Although it has been tested working with the latest models of the iPhone, the process can take days, if not weeks, to complete.

NBC News reports that Grayshift has developed a tracking software called Hide UI that can reveal much faster than the access code of a user’s iPhone to the forces of the order.

The tool Hide UI is a component of spyware that can be installed on an iPhone via GrayKey. Once that is located on the device of a user, the tool is “hidden” but still keep track of his input. If the user types in his passcode while the Hide UI is active, the software can register it and use it to bypass the encryption at a later time.

This, of course, requires that the device is placed in the hands of the suspect, since that requires the typing of an access password to be able to find. The law enforcement officials have stated to NBC that the use of the Hide UI takes a bit of social engineering. For example, you can tell the suspect that they can call their lawyer or that you can delete the phone contacts sensitive. Once you have entered the passcode, Hide UI, save it to a text file that can be downloaded when the iPhone is connected to a GrayKey.

According to what reported by NBC, the Hide UI is integrated in GrayKey for about a year, but the non-disclosure agreements signed by the agents of the forces of order have kept hidden from existence until now. Just aa the secrecy that surrounds this instrument has raised concerns among activists and advocates for civil liberties, in particular for its potential use without a warrant. The law enforcement officials who spoke with NBC say that I have never used the Hide UI without a warrant. Others say that the software has many bugs, and that often it was easier to force the suspects to hand over the access codes.

Among other things, the NDA that Grayshift is to sign in to the forces of the order forbid you to talk openly about this tool or with the technical details during the process without the authorization of the company, may submit a request for opposition to the judges. This type of approach has been called “puzzling” by several lawyers.

The news of this software comes on a few hours from the new controversy between the FBI and Apple about the release of the iPhone of suspects.