Google has recently updated the guidelines dedicated to your voice assistantby adding to the official documentation for developers new categories of devices that will be certified to work properly with Google Assistant.

The list – expanded recently with support for thermometers and hygrometers, one must then add also freezers and devices for cooling the air (not to be confused with air conditioners), which could be controlled by voice, for example, to change the mode of management of the temperatures or turn on the ignition distance.

As noted by Google, for devices for the air cooling refers to a specific category of products: typically the most lightweight and portable of the normal air-conditioning, often do not have any connection to the water tank, being equipped with only fans.

The interactions that are possible with this type of devices will, in fact, the adjustment of the air flow, and a few other things. Of course, the fact that Google has added support to this type of devices does not mean that they are all ready to interact with Assistant. It is up to manufacturers and developers to implement them.