Surface Duo protagonist of some specifications leaked… And you’ll love @BitFeedCo.

Microsoft has created a hype, very high on its Surface Duo, smartphone dual screen on board with the Android operating system and expected to launch for the holiday season.

We already knew at the end of February that Microsoft has opted for the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 because many of the projects of the Duo have been processed well in advance of the advent of the Snapdragon 865. However, considering that the smartphone manufacturers are able to update their models yearly, and keeping in step with the chipaker, not to mention the fact that the first projects of the Surface Duo to date back more than a year ago, we would have expected that the final version of the smartphone would have had the Snapdragon 865 with modem 5G. And instead it seems that the project will remain faithful to the Snapdragon 855.

Among the specifications that emerged in a leaked do not see signs of the option of 128 GB , which we heard about in February. It was also reported that the devices that are being tested actively do not have neither the NFC nor wireless charging.

But there are at least some good news on the front of Android: an update to Android 11 is expected “relatively quickly”. The app designed specifically for the Surface Duo will be fine-tuned in time for the stable version of the operating system at the beginning of June.

The Microsoft Build event, initially planned in the traditional manner but that, for the epidemic of COVID-19, has been changed to only go online, will be starting next Tuesday, may 19. The hope is that Microsoft provides some information about its Surface Duo with on-board Android.


Surface Duo protagonist of some specifications leaked… And you’ll love @BitFeedCo.