OnePlus p rt launch of the earphones TWS-style “AirPods” in July @BitFeedCo.

The world of headphones has changed for ever, both in terms of functionality and in terms of design, since Apple launched the first generation of AirPods (made success in simultaneously with the launch of iPhone 7, the first without audio jack). Since then, every world renowned manufacturer has released one or more versions of the earphones TWS with a similar design with the bar (only Samsung has resisted). Well, it seems that the next in the list with a proper version of earphones TWS may be OnePlus.

Some new incoming information thanks to the leaker Max J. suggest that the first real earphones TWS of OnePlus will have a very similar aesthetic to that of the AirPods. The details in question come from a source apparently reliable, but then we take everything with pliers, and with the benefit of the doubt.

There is no word about the features that OnePlus has planned at the moment or what will be the cost of the product (that there should not be doubt, since the first rumors date back to last year), but it is hoped that the company will try to offer specifications similar to the competition present, in a place where a sort of active noise cancellation. Alternatively, it may discard some of the features of more elaborate and offer wireless headsets as a cheaper alternative to normal AirPods.

According to reports, in July, there will be an event for the official presentation, although it has not yet been provided a specific date. In such an event, OnePlus should present the new smartphone OnePlus Z mid-range, which means that the two products could be introduced at the same time. The latter, for those of you who are not knowledge, should incorporate the SoC Snapdragon 765 with modem 5G.


OnePlus p rt launch of the earphones TWS-style “AirPods” in July @BitFeedCo.