WhatsApp Business: arrive synchronization with the pages Facebook @BitFeedCo.

WhatsApp is one of the platforms most popular messaging in the world, and when the developers have launched a WhatsApp for Business in 2018, has provided businesses a great way to connect with customers. And now things are becoming a little more simple for the companies that use the service, as they will be able to connect the page to Facebook of their company to WhatsApp, but a Business in order to synchronize the information and improve the customization of the ads.

WhatsApp users the Business can connect their page on Facebook and choose to sync details such as opening times, location address, website links, and more. To do this, simply go to company Settings -> linked Accounts. You can also choose more than one category for your business, browsing in the task Settings -> company Profile -> Edit profile -> Categories where it is possible to view and search for tags that you want displayed by our customers.

It is worth noting that you will need the latest version of the app is to Facebook is WhatsApp’s Business for this to work. This seems to be a nice addition for the entrepreneurs that will help simplify and accelerate their work load online.

Of course, for those who are scared of how the union between the two services can be modelled also in the consumer version will not be exactly good news. Remember the fact that Facebook, although it has not still influenced heavily the development of WhatsApp, it has not stopped to think of the introduction of further systems of the monetization platform with over 2 billion users in the world. That one thing is similar but tied to the user account is also coming in the consumer version?

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WhatsApp Business: arrive synchronization with the pages Facebook @BitFeedCo.