Samsung Galaxy A21 ramp to launch as an entry level smartphone with camera 48MP @BitFeedCo.

Samsung knows very well that, in spite of smartphones that draw the most attention are the top of the range and flexible ones, the models that sell the most are the ones of the Galaxy series To come with more affordable prices. In this regard, the Korean giant is preparing to launch the new Samsung Galaxy A21, entry-level model, the specifications of which have recently emerged in the network.

The rumor on the Samsung Galaxy A21 indicate the presence of a large display, 6.5-inch, although the resolution is only 1600 x 720 pixels. Within the display there will be a camera in the lower left corner to maximize the screen area and add a little bit of “style 2020”.

Among the other features come out from this leak we find that Samsung will use a new SoC owner inside, the Exynos 850 CPU octa core. It will be paired with 3 GB of RAM, making it ideal for standard use without too many pretensions. The storage space will be available in 32 GB and 64 GB, and, since it is a Samsung model, it will be discounted in the presence of a microSD card reader.

By completing the data sheet, you will find four cameras, including a main sensor 48 MP and a wide angle. There will also be an NFC chip (to take better advantage of Samsung Pay and the debit card coming in the summer), Bluetooth 5.0 and a headphone jack.

The device will be available in three variants with a starting price of $ 199, placing it firmly in the low-end market though, at least in Italy, this segment of the market is dominated by other models such as the Redmi Notes 8T.

Waiting for the official use of the Samsung Galaxy A21, we want to remember that Samsung might be working on a Galaxy Fold Lite.


Samsung Galaxy A21 ramp to launch as an entry level smartphone with camera 48MP @BitFeedCo.