China says it is ready to label Apple and other U.S. companies working in the country as “organizations unreliable“, a revenge to the additional prohibitions of the United States to export technologies, an american manufacturer Huawei. This means that Apple might soon find a number of obstacles in its business in China.


The dispute between the United States and China on the issue of Huawei goes back to 2018, but in the last days further intensified to some decisions made by the White House.

In 2018, the heads of the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and other three intelligence agencies in the united states have advised americans not to buy a smartphone or any other products from Huawei. All federal agencies and government expressed concern about the close ties between Huawei and the chinese government, with the risk of unauthorized access to data and other sensitive information on the smartphone Huawei of american users.

In particular, the infrastructure 5G made by Huawei ended up in the eye of the cyclone for possible risks of espionage in the United States, so much so that the government opted for an absolute prohibition of the use of technologies Huawei in the country. This ban prohibited the execution of the app Google on your smartphone and Huawei, putting in serious crisis, the sales of the chinese company.

The ban was due to end at the end of may, but Trump has announced that he want to extend it for another year. No american company can buy or sell technologies and components to Huawei until may 2021.

And here comes the possible response of the chinese government, with Apple that could be labelled as “entity unreliable“. The measures provided for by the chinese government include the initiation of investigations and the imposition of some restrictions on american companies such as Apple, Cisco and Qualcomm, in addition to the suspension of the purchase of aircraft Boeing.

The indirect effects could also hit Apple in sales of smartphones in China, since early may deepening a feeling anti-USA in the country.