Android or iOS? What is the mobile operating system more secure? The Magic Keyboard on the iPad Pro consumes very so much battery and why? iPhone 12 will have the Pro Motion display and Claudio will buy and make you buy a scooter?
This and much more in today’s episode of the podcast of iPhoneItalia.

In the Podcast today

Welcome to the thirty-fifth episode of SEASON 9 of the podcast of iPhoneItalia.

New episode of the podcast and lots of new themes of discussion and reflection on the horizon.
The main theme of the day relates to the security: iOS has always been considered a very secure system and overall more secure than its competitor Android. Of the recent tweets of a famous company that deals in the purchase of the vulnerability of computer systems seem to refute, sensationally, this version.
We will also talk about of Magic Keyboard, at the center of many controversies due to a drop that would cause the autonomy of the iPad Pro. Problem hardware, software or it is normal and that might depend on?
We will talk about one of the greatest passions of Carol: the scooters, providing some useful advice for the purchase taking advantage of the bonus of the government, and then conclude with iPhone 12 , and the question of Promotion Display at 120Hz. iPhone 12, should be without try to understand why.

These are the key issues addressed in this podcast:

  • Android has become more secure than iOS?
  • iPhone: the future is without connectors?
  • Bugs and vulnerabilities have become a problem for Apple?
  • Magic keyboard: keyboard backlit the cause of Adrain of the battery of the iPad Pro?
  • Scooters and bonus of the government, everything that there is to know
  • iPhone 12, and display Pro-Motion 120Hz: nothing to do? Why?

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Giovanni Longo @giolongoo
Claudio Sardaro @ClauoITA

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