The wheel kit for Mac Pro from 849€ mounted on a skateboard [Video]

The wheel kit for the Mac Pro has a price of 500 € if we purchased them during the configuration of the machine, but if you want to buy them after? We will have to spend well – 849 €.

Since when were released by Apple on the online store, this kit has been highly criticized for the excessive price for their utility. Now, the YouTuber Braille Skateboarding has released a video in which shows a skateboard custom with the wheels of the Mac Pro.

Braille Skateboarding has shared the fun video showing some of the different approaches on how to connect the wheels of the Mac Pro from 849 € for a skateboard.

Of course, the wheels on the Mac Pro are not designed to be mounted on a skateboard, and, since the wheels of the Apple will be rotated 180 degrees, while the wheels of the skateboard does not rotate at all, the result is, in the words of Braille Skateboarding “the most dangerous thing ever.“ However, after a few attempts, I managed to do a kickflip.

Surprisingly, the wheels hold up very well the weight of the skater, revealing that they are really well built, but this of course does not justify the high price of the kit.

Below, you can watch the full video: