The social network and, more in general, the online platforms must remove the reported content, attributable to pedophilia or terrorism within 60 minutes, otherwise you risk a penalty of up to 4% of the global turnover. Is that established by a new law passed in France. For other types of material that is deemed “manifestly unlawful”, including those definable as hate speech, the time interval granted that 24 hours.

France on pedophilia and terrorism: 60 minutes for the removal

Directly affected reality as Facebook, Twitter, Google , and more in general all those who operate bulletin boards or services that allow the sharing of posts, images and video. So Nicole Belloubet, the Minister of Justice in france, has commented on the regulations and timing and mode is in line with the one discussed last year by the European Parliament.

People will think twice before crossing the red line if they know that there is a high probability of being held responsible.

The applicability of this requirement is to be verified. First of all, as argued by several parties, potentially puts in danger the freedom of expression because the platforms in order not to incur a penalty could be pushed to respond positively to any request, even if the content is not in fact a violation.

In addition, more of the smaller may not be ready to manage them in a time so short, especially those who do not have a system for automatic monitoring based on algorithms or other advanced solutions. In the case of non-elimination, at the expiration of the interval allowed, the authorities can ask the ISP to immediately block the access to the site by making it unreachable from all over the country.