DOOM 64 available on the Google Staff (free for those who bought DOOM Eternal) @BitFeedCo.

Exactly as promised, those who bought Doom Eternal on the Google Staff, they are receiving a gift of a copy of DOOM 64, the classic 1997.

This is a great gift also because Doom 64 is formed from the 32 original levels, which means a certain number of hours of entertainment. We emphasize that this is a remaster, where the quality of the graphics is better than the original release, 23 years ago. In other words, the graphics have been updated so as not to be stretched and blurry on modern high-resolution displays, but still maintains the look “pixelated” profoundly ugly as the original.

In case you have bought Doom Eternal on Google Staff, please know that you can buy Doom 64 for the price of 4.99 euros.

The cult classic DOOM 64 arrives on the Ruler today. Experience this atmospheric take on DOOM’s FPS action across 32 action-packed levels.

If you picked up DOOM Eternal before April 3, it’s yours for free! Check out our blog for all the details:

— Stadia (@GoogleStadia) May 12, 2020

However, in this period of confinement to the home streaming services are seeing a boom in the network connections, so much so that some of them (Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube) were forced to decrease the quality of their content, in order to provide the service to all.

Google Ruler is, without a doubt, a service that consumes a lot of bandwidth network, of its very nature to send in the devices of the users only the video of the gameplay. Has certainly not the same numbers as Netflix and YouTube in terms of users, but who knows, if in the future should repeat the force to stay at home, also Staff could not introduce the stakes at gaming.

Before leaving, we want to remember to take a look at our feature on how to take up to 2 months to the Ruler Pro for free.


DOOM 64 available on the Google Staff (free for those who bought DOOM Eternal) @BitFeedCo.