Vodafone ended the first quarter of 2020, with declining revenue and customer growth. Data updated as at 31 march, therefore, are in line with what happened in the previous periods: the telco still suffers the “competitive dynamics on the segments mobile”, even if you record a partial compensation given by the increase in revenues and customer base in the fixed network. In a nutshell:

  • total revenue: 3.9%, a € 4.8 million euro (-3,7% in the previous quarter)
  • revenues from fixed network: +8,2% (€1.2 million)
  • customers fixed network: 3 million, of which 2.9 million in broadband (+4.3% compared to 2019)
  • customers fiber: 2 million, +23.8 per cent on an annual basis
  • customers converging: 1 million (36% of the customer base in the broadband)

The initiative of Vodafone to remind its customers not to leave the house during the pandemic

To follow we report the status of the services activated by Vodafone in our Country:

  • network 4.5 G: 320 city, of which 32 to 1Gbps
  • 4G network: 7.456 municipalities, of which more than 4,000 in 4G+
  • fiber: 23 million housing units (households and firms), of which 7.5 million with network ultra broadband properties, and in partnership with the Open Fiber

    • agreement with Open Fiber: active in 271 cities, extended to 7.635 common of the white areas to cover 19 million units, with the FTTH network
  • 5G: cover Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome and Naples

    • completed in march, the merger between Vodafone Tower and INWIT: TIM and Vodafone hold each 37.5% of the shares of the company.
    • start of the plan to bring the network of ultra-fast via the FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) in areas where broadband is not present (2,000 municipalities in total). The first offers you call Home and Wireless House Wireless +.
  • health crisis: GIGA unlimited customers in difficulty, and for a month to students between 14 and 26 years old. To this is added the initiative #IoRestoACasa launched at the beginning of April, which replaced the operator name “Vodafone IT”, that appears on your smartphone with ‘VF EN IoRestoACasa”.

Vodafone communicates that in these months of the pandemic, the growth of traffic was equal to 30% on mobile and 60% in the fixed network. The capacity was increased by 30%, and will reach 50% at the end of may.