The responses of the Minister for Technological Innovation and the Digitalization have been many, but have not been sufficiently comprehensive: this is the replication of’TAKING the ministry as a result of the publications of the last few hours (that occurred as a result of the inquiry of the television transmission Report). In this case, the signature of the President, TAKING Professions, Andrea Lisi, the project “Immune” is described as “totally unnecessary and potentially dangerous, for this it would be good if it were stopped.”

TAKING: so wrong, it stops the Immune

The explanations provided are, in short, have not convinced:

Thank you for the attention they have received, and we emphasize that we are happy for having contributed to an important phase of transparency. Some answers came but not everything is clear and exhaustive. There are still too many doubts on the criteria for the choice of this App, on the it security of the application, on license release, are governed by the contract between the government and private companies because it is amazing that there is answered that the ministry has selected is not in the availability of the same. But above all you have very heavy doubts about its effectiveness in the fight to prevention, considering that now you expressed concern by most international sources. We really had a bad start, inceppandoci on relevant issues that were immediately addressed in a clear way, and now, by dint of compromise, perhaps data protection is guaranteed, transparency, partly expressed, but the usefulness of the App is out in the bud.

While it is lawful for the opinion, TAKING on the procedures of selection and development, appears instead to be less linear and the ball end on the inappropriateness of the app:

I believe that in the light of the various analyses made, both legal and technical, of the project relating to this App would be good if it were to be interrupted, quite likely because it is now totally useless and potentially dangerous for the high number of false positives that may be detected and for the very low reliability of the recorded data.

Such indications are in fact related to the containment strategy in place, which – it should be remembered, should be based also on the capacity of execution of the pads and on the speed of the investigation, in case of positivity: the number of potential false positives, as well as the ability to manage them on the part of health authorities, is something that relates specifically to considerations of opportunity on the selection methods and for this reason the project deserves the opening of a credit, also, and especially, by virtue of the fact that now the platform Apple/Google is the next to the publication and the app is in the pipeline (by the end of the month). In any case, the strategic choice has first and last names that, on balance, become the responsibility today, and merits or faults.

The Commissioner Arcuri in this direction has been clear: the app, if distributed in a manner sufficiently widespread, it can give you a big hand during the “phase 2B”. If they are roses bloom, even at the cost of some of the plug; if the project was fallacious from the beginning instead, then you will need to understand how and if the technology can be useful in times of a pandemic. It will be, in the worst hypothesis, a valid test also for the future.