Microsoft has announced that its app Microsoft Family Safety is available in preview for iOS users who enroll in the program.


Microsoft Family Safety includes features such as the monitoring of the use of the devices, the registration of the displayed content and the location sharing, all designed to allow parents to monitor the usage habits of their children.

Find the right balance for your family. Give your kids the independence to learn and explore, establishing boundaries that help them to make good choices. The children can see the same reports on the activities of their parents, so that everyone can be part of the conversation. Also, with Microsoft Family Safety, the family members can manage their data and information and who we share it with. We work 24 hours on 24 to protect your information and we do not sell your data.

A function of reporting of activities provides details of how you spent the time online, on the monitoring of the use of devices, Web sites visited and terms searched. Summaries are sent every week via e-mail.

Screen Time Limits serves to limit the amount of time children spend using a Windows PC, the Xbox devices and Android smartphones. This function is not available on iOS, where Apple has built natively Screen Time.

The controls on the content allow parents to create filters and Web search to block adult content and restrict browsing to only those Web sites suitable for children when using Microsoft Edge.

The feature of sharing your location allow parents to see at a glance where their children, as well as to identify the locations you visit most, like home, work and school.

Microsoft allows a limited number of iOS users to subscribe to the Microsoft Family Sharing to test the service, which, of course, is especially useful if you use Microsoft devices.