LG Wing will be a smartphone with two screens, overlapped with the one above the wheel to the “T” going from portrait to landscape, according to rumors coming from journalistic sources south korea. The images that are circulating in the network, probably a mock-up, give a good idea. Is a form factor that LG had already used in the past: a mobile phone did so was even featured in the movie Iron Man 2008. It was called VX9400 (the scene is around minute 15, after the demonstration of the missiles Jericho).

The screen below would actually be smaller than what the wheel, large enough to show a virtual keyboard, or other additional controls, for example. It seems that LG also envisages the possibility of extending the content from the screen above to the one below – although changing the format and this is achieved practically only in the central portion, leaving the sides out.

It is important to clarify that the work on this smartphone are still in the early stages. “Wing” is the codename and not the official one. They are not revealed information about the technical features or the release date. The project is in progress, however, is credible: the mobile division of the company is in the red for a long time now, and the leadership has decided to change gears and break the schemes adopted so far. The first step of this new approach is Velvet, the high-end smartphone that replaces the g-series was announced a few days ago in South Korea.