COVID-19: Twitter add labels to your tweets with misleading information

Twitter has announced via its blog that it is expanding its efforts to combat misinformation on the news about COVID-19.

New labels and warnings

During active conversations on controversial issues, it may be useful to see an additional context from trusted sources. Twitter is introducing a new label for the tweet containing the news that can be misleading or manipulated about COVID-19.

The labels will link to a page maintained by Twitter or a “trusted source” to external, more information.

Twitter COVID19 Tweet

Depending on the propensity of the damage and the type of misleading information, it is possible to apply alerts to a Tweet. These warnings will inform individuals that the information contained in the Tweets are in conflict with the directions of the public health experts, before they are displayed.

Twitter COVID19 Tweet Warning

The content misleading can be divided into three major categories:

  • Misleading information – statements or assertions that have been confirmed false or misleading by experts in the field, such as the public health authority.
  • Claims challenged – declarations or assertions, in which the accuracy, truthfulness or the credibility of the claim are disputed or unknown.
  • Claims not verified: the information (which may be true or false) is not confirmed at the time of sharing.