Presented at CES 2020, the new lock smart of August is now available for purchase in the United States. The accessory will arrive in Italy in the next few weeks.

Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August says that the Wi-Fi Smart Lock is smaller than the 45% and thin by 20% compared to its Smart Lock Pro. The lock is available in matte black and silver, with most elegant design and rounded edges. A special LED helps users to visually identify the lock status of the device. As the name suggests of the product, there is a connectivity Wi-Fi integrated which eliminates the need to use a bridge.

As for the other padlocks intelligent, Smart Lock-in Wi-Fi allows you to lock or unlock a door remotely and grant access to family members, friends, and temporary visitors, And with the activity Feed on iOS, you can know who comes and goes at any time, with push notifications. There are also functions to lock and unlock automatically.

The support of the HomeKit allows you to control the various features through the app House on your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch, or with voice commands Siri. For example, on an iPhone, you could say, “Hey Siri, close the door,” lock the lock. The block also supports Google Assistant, Amazon, Alexa, SimpliSafe and Samsung SmartThings.

The installation of the Smart Lock-in Wi-Fi takes less than 10 minutes, at least according to what was declared by August. The lock can be installed to the inside of the door on the existing system, without touching the padlock on the outside, allowing you to keep the existing keys. The locks and August are compatible with the majority of locks single-cylinder bikes.

Wi-Fi Smart Lock is available in the USA at a price of$ 250. The arrival in Italy is expected at a later time.