Windows 10 20H1 “May 2020 Update” could start to be distributed between the 26 and the 28 of may. He unveiled Microsoft itself, updating the calendar of release of the driver. The document, which you can see by following the SOURCE link at the bottom of the article, it helps the third party manufacturers to understand the day that are ideal to start the distribution of updates without overlap with those of Microsoft. The document was updated just a few hours ago with the addition of three days, precisely on the 26th, the 27th and the 28th of may, circled in yellow: the legend at the bottom explains the reason; it is difficult to read, but there is written “Feature Update”.

There’s a good chance that the document has a reason. The previous year proved true, for example. It is also worth to observe that this is not the first time that the date jumps out: Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, observer Microsoft’s long-standing with internal contacts, very solid, had already indicated that on the 28th of may already, a month ago. In the past few days, Panos Panay has confirmed that the update would arrive within the month of may: without saying anything more precise, but dispelling any doubts on the timeliness of release – more than legitimate, this year, with the chaos caused by the pandemic.

As always, the deployment of the update should take place gradually. According to what has happened with the previous feature update, in the initial stages will only be available to those who seek him actively on Windows Update – maybe with a few exceptions for certain hardware configurations in the case prove the existance of bugs and stability issues critical. In the future, it should appear automatically on Windows Update, but not install: it is always the user who must authorize the installation. So those who prefer to wait can continue to keep your system up to date and secure with the cumulative patches.

For the more “adventurous”, finally, remember that in the Release Preview, the Ring of the Insider is already available to download the build final update. It should already be very stable, but is formally the software is not final, so proceed at your own risk.