The teardown of the X-ray iFixit shows the complex engineering of the Magic Keyboard

iFixit has not yet made a teardwon full of the new Magic Keyboard designed for the models of iPad Pro, but the site of repair has worked for the company X-ray, Creative Electron, to create x-rays of the Magic Keyboard that give us a vision of what there is inside.

The new keyboard uses keys scissor instead of a butterfly, with the last few that were actually deleted from the range of Apple products. The switch mechanism scissor is clearly visible in the X-ray vision and iFixit defines it as the easiest mechanism of the accessory, but the major improvement compared to the Smart Keyboard.

Under the keyboard, there are metal plates that iFixit believes is to strengthen the body of the keyboard the same against bending, and the trackpad uses a different design compared to that found on the MacBook.

It seems that there are more buttons below the trackpad to simulate the pressure, while the trackpad of the MacBook does not have buttons and simulate the pressure with tactile feedback.

Magic Keyboard

There are two design hinges spring in the point of bending, which have both a small coil that a larger, also there are two cables to connect the Smart Connector to the keyboard for power and data transfer.

According to iFixit, the Magic Keyboard, and there is much more that in many laptops, which could explain its price. The price of the Magic Keyboard for iPad, Pro 11-inch is 339€, while the version for the iPad Pro, the 12.9″ has a price of 399€.