Last year, the tech industry has been rocked by a huge novelty, even if only for the size of the companies involved: Apple has made peace with Qualcomm over the issue of modems for mobile devices (leaving Intel at the stake). The history extended already for a few years now, but apparently it is served to smooth out the climate between the two powers. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the ceo of Qualcomm Steve Mollenkopf says that the two companies have finally become the “good partners“, don’t you spend more time arguing and focus on the products.

The dialogue is on products and how to launch them as quickly as possible. It is much more natural now.

Mollenkopf has also spoken of the trend of the market, which collapsed in the early months of the year in China (and not only) because of the emergency COVID-19; does not deny that the decline there has been, but the most interesting fact to keep in mind is that in the asian Country, the recovery has been very, very fast.

In the interview he also spoke briefly about another critical point of the business model of Qualcomm, which is one of the licenses, as we know, the chipmaker holds many patents on core technologies for the operation of a mobile device, so much so that confirmation Mollenkopf, virtually all smartphones on the market, use technology, Qualcomm. The full interview lasts about thirty minutes, and touches on many other topics, including Huawei, the collaboration between the US and China, despite the climate of tension at the political level, the growth opportunities post-crisis, and much more. You can find the full video below and follow the SOURCE link.