Tom Cruise, NASA and SpaceX of Elon Musk are planning to shoot a film in space – in space true. The report the sources of the Deadline, the head is generally very reliable and well-informed on the events of Hollywood. The small pieces of information that have emerged talking about a project still in the initial phase, but it is definitely concrete, and started; however, for the time has not yet been involved in any study.

Tom Cruise is well-known for his deep commitment, just on a physical level, in the implementation of its action movies. Tends to want to shoot all the action sequences and the most dangerous and complex in the first person, without a stunt double, like that time they “walked” on the wing of a plane during takeoff for a Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation; sometimes, the consequences are rather unpleasant, like when he broke the ankle jumping from a roof to another during the filming of Mission Impossible: the Fallout. With time, it became one of the actors most daring of Hollywood, perhaps second only to Jackie Chan.

If the project will materialize would be the first film in the strict sense – in the sense: with a script – shot in space. According to the source, will not be part of the saga “Mission Impossible”. For now there is no any comment on the part of the parties directly involved, even if, considering the personality of Musk and Cruise… Maybe the fact that more surprising is that they expected so much. Remember that Musk is a huge fan of spaceballs, from whom he took the idea of the famous flame thrower, and a sci-fi/pop culture in general. Musk has made several cameo appearances in movies and television shows, including:

  • Iron Man 2
  • The Simpsons
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • South Park
  • Rick & Honor Of His Wedding

Remember that even Pornhub had tried to put together a similar project a few years ago; of course the gender was, let’s say, slightly different. The portal of adult content had launched a campaign of crowd funding on Indiegogo, but had not achieved the target set and the project has failed.