The challenge of the prices has begun: iPhone XR and iPhone XS discount on Amazon. It is a discount that could ingolosire many users, including the undecided on the iPhone IF.

iphone xr

iPhone IF from 499€, and offers excellent performances, sharing the chip with the new top of the range Apple, but brings with him a compromise: the diagonal of the display. In fact, this new model is the smallest currently available in the lineup of Apple. In contrast, even though the processor of the previous generation, iPhone, XR, and iPhone XS can count on the display are much bigger and on a more modern design, as well as on the Face ID.

iPhone XR is still sold by Apple at a price of 739€ for the basic version. Thanks to an offer from Amazon, we find this smartphone at just 587,49€. It is a price relatively close to that of the iPhone IF that, however, allows users to get a larger display and the Face ID.

the iPhone XS, instead, is no longer available on the Apple website, but Amazon is starting 683,13€, a price that is interesting that besides the above-mentioned additional features compared to the iPhone IF it offers the dual camera on the back.

Of course, the choices you make according to the needs and then carefully consider the smartphone to buy, maybe watching all of our reviews and all the information.

The offers shown on this page may expire or change without notice. The real price is the one displayed on Amazon at the time of checkout.