Buy one razr get one free. Exact, buying a razr if it will have a or free, also of different colors (Noir, Black or Blush Gold), only until the next may 10, but only in the United States.

An offer definitely interesting, who knows more of “everything”, the one launched by Motorola which has obviously decided to try and boost sales of its foldable which, remember, has a price of 1499 dollars, and is solely linked to a tariff plan of the operator Verizon.

At the moment, there are no news about a promotion similar to other markets. In Italy, the Motorola razr is being sold by TIM and WindTre that I have entered in the list only by a few weeks. In our Country, the list price is 1599 euro.

The Motorola razr, which we have already reviewed in the past few weeks, exclusively uses eSIM, does not have a physical slot for a SIM card. The design of the “clamshell” design takes up the idea of the razr a few years in the form of a decidedly more modern thanks to its display pOled folding a 6.2-inch format 21:9. The smartphone has a weight of 205 grams and is equipped with a second external display gOled 2.7″.

The razr is a top of the range with regards to price but you can not say the same for the hardware specifications that, in fact, place him more in the mid-range of the market. The processor, in fact, is a Snapdragon 710 is supported by 6GB of RAM memory. Camera compartment, however, is entrusted to a single external camera 16MP and an internal 5MP. The battery has a capacity of 2510mAh.

The rarz is currently based on version 9 of the Android operating system of Google. In the past few days came the security patch of march.