Top 5 Week 18 2020: the best articles of Androidblog @BitFeedCo.

We arrived at our usual Sunday appointment with the address book in the Top 5 Week 18 2020.

1) Redmi Notes 9 Pro and Redmi Notes 9 official: specs and price

Redmi Note 9 Pro e Redmi Note 9

Let’s start the rundown of the Top 5 Week 18 2020 talking about Redmi Notes 9 and Redmi Notes 9 Pro, which will be available in Italy by the end of may. Configurations, prices, availability and sales channels for the Italian market will be announced in the coming weeks.

2) The smartphone market is living the worst period of sales from 2013

The smartphone market is not immune from the effects of coronavirus: the worldwide shipments are down 13% year on year due to the coronavirus. The companies have shipped only 272 million units in the first quarter of 2020, which is the lowest level since 2013. And to think that 2020 should be the year of the recovery for this sector.

3) Mastercard: payments via NFC at +40% in this period of Coronavirus

Pagamenti NFC Mastercard

The use of smartphones for NFC payments in mobility in the stores, or the use of contactless cards seems to have increased dramatically during this period of a pandemic on the coronavirus. The fear of touching with hand the money seems to be the driving force of a market that, according to Mastercard, was up 40% in this period.

4) Amazon updates its Fire Tablet FireOS 6

It seems like the entire line of Amazon tablet Fire of the seventh generation is now receiving an update to FireOS 6. However, from those who have already installed the update, we have learned that even FireOS 6 is an operating system based on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

5) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 you update with the patch of may 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 e Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (1)

We end our roundup of the Top 5 Week 18 2020 with the roll out of the OTA update with the security patches may 2020 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

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Top 5 Week 18 2020: the best articles of Androidblog @BitFeedCo.