Over a month you can ask your doctor to send via email, SMS, or chat message of the code NRE relative to the requirements, thus avoiding having to present in the outpatient clinic for the withdrawal of the recipe in a paper format. The service Prescription Pharmacy reported in the framework of the initiative of Solidarity Digital allows you to simplify the next step of obtaining the medication.

Solidarity Digital: Prescription Pharmacy

Everything that the citizen must do is fill out a form, enter your province of residence, then by selecting the nearest pharmacy and typing in finally, the code quoted above is accompanied by the tax code and a telephone number. If the exercise offers you can also ask for the home delivery with order tracking. The service is freely accessible to anyone via the official website. Below is the movie that shows the operation.

Solidarity Digital: all of the resources available

The complete list of all the resources accessible free of charge inside the package, Solidarity Digital, aimed at citizens and businesses, is available on the portal that the Agency for digital Italy and the ministry for the technological Innovation and the Digitisation undertake to update continuously from the beginning of the health crisis.