When will be released iOS 13.5?

iOS 13.5

This week, Apple has released iOS 13.5 beta 3 for developers and beta testers to the public. The update includes three major changes, but when it will be released publicly?

Because the name has changed from iOS 13.4.5?

Apple has released two beta for developers of iOS 13.4.5, but then switched to iOS 13.5 with the version released this week. This is because Apple has also released a new version of the SDK iOS that incorporates the API for notification of exposure.

Every revision of iOS uses a new SDK should have a minor version number changed, which is why Apple has made the switch from iOS 13.4.5 iOS-13.5.

What’s new in iOS 13.5?

iOS 13.5 includes three major changes, all clearly in response to the pandemic Coronavirus in the course.

In particular, the new version integrates for the first time, the API that allows you to have the Notifications of Exposure, that is, the system of tracing of possible infected people from COVID-19.

the iPhone uses the Bluetooth to securely share your random IDS with nearby devices and collect their ID. This allows an app to notify you if you have been exposed to the COVID-19. The random IDS are deleted after 14 days. The apps that you authorize can warn you if you are exposed to the COVID-19. You can also choose to share anonymously your diagnosis COVID-19.

iOS 13.5

iOS 13.5 himself does not perform tracing of the contacts. On the contrary, it lays the foundation for developers of public health authorities to create their own applications that can manage the notifications of exposure. Apple has posted a beta version of the API for notification of the exposure to developers of the public health authorities for rwelcome feedback.

Thanks to the new function introduced, iOS 13.5 greatly simplifies the release of our iPhone while we wear a mask. With this change, Face ID can detect if we are wearing a mask , and go directly to the screen of the passcode.

Finally, iOS 13.5 also brings a change to the FaceTime calls group. By default, theapp automatically zoomed to the video window of the person that is speaking. In the new update, Apple has added a new setting so you can disable this behavior. To do this simply go to Settings> FaceTime > Automatic Prominence, and we turn the switch Speaking.

When will be released iOS 13.5?

In addition to the API of the notification of the exposure by public health authorities, iOS, 13.5 is a significant release for owners of the iPhone at this time. Apple has stated that it hopes to officially release the API to notification of exposure to mid-may.

It is likely that the company will release at least another beta version of iOS 13.5 prior to public release at all. Therefore, we expect the new version will be released together with the API of the notification of the exposure in mid-may.

With the framework of the tracking of the contacts, the changes to the FaceTime calls to the Group, and the improvements of Face ID, iOS, 13.5 is probably a very useful update for everyone. Have you noticed other changes? Let us know in the comments!