The CDC (Center for prevention and disease control) has shared a new document that includes some of the minimum criteria that the app tracking contacts should comply with the United States. The notification system of the display of Apple and Google aligns itself with many of the elemennti contained in this document and could prove to be the best choice for all public health authorities, not only in the USA.

Apple ee Google

The new document from the CDC that covers the policy for tracking tools contact COVID-19 is to be used by health authorities in the choice of the best system to integrate into their apps. The guidelines are largely followed by the API of Apple and Google, for which the system created by the two companies would be in absolute the most recommended to use and integrate.

The CDC does not oblige the health departments of the United States to use the system of Apple and Google, but there are still many advantages in doing so. Among these, the full respect of privacy, an excellent notification system, contacts, and interoperability between iOS and Android.

In addition, the CDC rejected the use of a centralized system because of the potential risks to the privacy of the users. Just as proposed by Apple and Google, the centre of diseases of the USA suggests instead the use of a decentralised system. Remember that in Europe, some countries such as Britain and France want to use a centralized system, and for this reason may not be able to integrate the APIS from Apple and Google. Germany and Italy, instead, should adopt the system developed by the two companies.

In the document, the CDC also states that the minimum criteria for the notification of contact by means of applications includes notices, manuals, and volunteers. All notifications must be always anonymous.

The APIS that Apple and Google are already available in beta for developers.