In this episode, we’ll talk about some of the problems to the oled display smartphone, the One Plus 8, and Pixels 4, the update for iOS and Android that will allow the development of the app of contact tracing and then conclude with the analysis of the possible lineup by 2020 iPhone 12.

In the Podcast today

Welcome to the thirty-third episode of SEASON 9 of the podcast of iPhoneItalia.

New episode of the podcast, on the occasion of 1 May.
After a short excursus on the topic of 5G, and health, in reference to the last episode of the podcast, we address the question App Immune and contact tracing via bluetooth.
Thanks to the new update of the iOS and Android will arrive on the framework developed by Apple and Google that will be available to applications dedicated to contact tracing. Of course, the inevitable, there are controversies and concerns around the topic. Update home Apple that will fix a few critical bugs, which makes them absolutely necessary.
In the second part of the podcast we talk about some of the problems to the oled reported , especially on the OnePlus 8 Pro and Pixels 4 (but not only): we aim to understand and investigate this issue.
Then we’ll talk about iPhone 12: the lineup is expected to be composed of 4 models, differentiated by the diagonal of the screen and features. The analyse also (and especially) in relation to the prices alleged that will be proposed.
In closing, a joke on the financial results of Apple that does not fear even a pandemic.

These are the key issues addressed in this podcast:

  • 5G, health and the digital divide. The importance of the investments in the TLC
  • Contact Tracing and App Immune: here comes an important update
  • iOS 13.4.5: there are several important bugs to fix
  • iPhone IF and Magic Keyboard for iPad: convincing but…
  • Question Oled Display screen: some issues on OnePlus 8 Pro, Pixels 4 and not only
  • iPhone 12: a lineup with 4 models to return competitive
  • Financial results: Apple remains strong in spite of the pandemic

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