We report to the attention of our readers this guide as one of the latest Power Bank which we tried and inserted inside of this special selection, is again on offer at the best price. It is a product that, in the small version, a little more than 10€ it is really impossible not to recommend.

News that inseriemo after having tried in the last days, the Romoss Mini Power Bank 10000 mAh is second only to the iWalk that we have recommended below. Not only has 2 USB ports standard with 3.2 A maximum output combined (2A on a single port, top), but it also has 3 charging systems that can accommodate all of them.

In fact there are connectors MicroUSB, Lightning and Type-C (only input does not allow charging to other products) and then you can recharge it in any way. Finally, there is also an LED Display is orange which shows the percentage of charging.

The list price is 18€ but the offer flash is 11€. Only negative is that although being from 10000mAh, the yield is slightly lower than the average for the industry, with approximately 6500mAH actually provided in charge.

shim.gif Romoss Mini Power Bank 10000 mAh Light charger, Portable Charger Rapid (3.2 Total) with 3 Inputs and 2 Outputs, High Compatibility with All Cell Phones


about 17€ See offer

Today, we continue the book #bestbuy which seeks to offer a series of suggestions for the purchase of the best products in a given category or price range. The term Best Buy is now overused and often used improperly: with this section we want to give back to this English word to the correct meaning.

Recommended products on which there is no need to wonder if there is something better, more recommended, or with a ratio quality/price is higher. If you see this book, you will find only objects that are well worth the purchase and every time, we will explain why.

Today we will talk about external batteries, products that are very much in demand and for which demand is rising in the last years. There are countless models, brands, capacity and types, but today we want to focus your attention on three products.

All the PowerBank are compatible with most devices mobile and but, our choice now takes into account the world of Apple, the iPhone, and not only, and tries to find the best charging solution in the mobility for the whole of the Apple ecosystem by 2018.

Perfect solution for those looking for maximum portability, practicality and immediacy. Lightning connector to recharge the Powerbank, MicroUSB connector to charge the Powerbank with a standard more universal and 2 USB ports complete with output to 2.4 A on A single port for connecting all the products that you want.

The added value for anyone who has an iPhone is that, with only the Lightning cable, be sure to charge both the external battery and the smartphone.

shim.gifAUKEY Powerbank 10000mAh, Portable Charger iPhone with the Entrance to the Lightning connector, Portable Battery for Mobile phone 2-port for iPhone X / 8 Plus / 7/6, Samsung S9/ S9+, Xiaomi, Huawei, iPad ETC.


about 19€See offer

The queen and King of Power Bank, respectively, to 10000 and 20000mAh, the iWalk are probably the perfect answer to all those who want the maximum capacity and the most flexibility possible. As explained in the video, in addition to having USB-C with PD, in, and out, of course, the MicroUSB for charging (also from the Type-C of course) and 1 Standard USB port, the iWalk has 2 built-in cables with output Type-C MicroUSB + Lightning.

This means that you will have, in a single product, all the standard market output (and therefore to reload) and the most widely used standard universal input (and then to recharge the external battery). Moreover, despite the very small size, you can even reload 4 different products at the same time using all of the cables and the outputs together.

In short, hard to find better with the sweet of the integrated stand.

For all the Powerbank indicated, take into account the loss of the 20/25% charging of other devices compared to the declared capacity.

shim.gifiWalk 20000mAh with Type C & Micro USB Cable External Battery Quick Charge 3.0 High capacity Portable Charger Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy S8 Note8 iPhone 5 6 7 8 Plus X IF MacBook


35€See offer
shim.gifiWalk Portable Battery 10000mah Portable battery Charger with Type C & Micro USB Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank-Ultra-Compact-Compatible for iPhone X 8 7 6, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S8 / S7 Switch MacBook


29€See offer