The tablet market does not show by the time signs of improvement and also in the first three months of the year had to register a minus sign, due to the pandemic. The situation may begin to change from this quarter for two reasons: on the one hand, asian producers are re-enabled after the stop caused by the emergency health – it would therefore be mitigated the decline in supply – and the demand is growing for tablets to be used within the school – in the immediate term, the trend may be consolidated by virtue of the greater spread of distance learning as a tool to distance the social.

To Digitimes , the deliveries of tablets in the months of April, may and June will grow at a rate of 9% on an annual basis , and 45% compared to the previous quarter that did not close in the best of ways with a contraction estimated in the order of 33.6% compared to the previous year. No surprise, instead, for the companies that drive the segment: Apple is firmly in command, followed by Samsung and Huawei to close the podium. Lenovo is in fourth place, Microsoft in fifth. Amazon is more spaced out, but it could regain ground in the second quarter of displacing both Lenovo, both Microsoft and placing it in fourth position.

To go for the biggest, are and will continue to be the models with 10 and more inches that have constituted over 75 percent of shipments in the first quarter. In the coming months, the category of the tablet with the screen 7″ may, however, report a slight increase, thanks to sales of the iPad mini and Fire 7 Amazon. It must be said that these are estimates subject to variations in time periods reduced and employees of the evolution of the pandemic: at the end of February, for example, IDC predicted a second quarter of negative, now the new factors mentioned in the opening might change (for the better) the picture.