A new model of Microsoft Surface Headphones has been certified by the Bluetooth SIG, the consortium that verifies the compatibility of the devices with the protocol of short-range wireless communication. The name is the same-the same headphones launched in 2018 – nothing, “2”, “S”, “2020” or other acronyms of accompaniment – the code model is completely different: the original was 1830, the new one is 1919. Also change the specifications of the Bluetooth, 5.0 versus 4.2; and this time there is codec support for high quality and low latency, Qualcomm AptX. All this to say that, name aside, it seems that it is a new product, not a simple revision of the hardware secondary. Maybe aesthetically, the differences will be few or no, but “under the hood” there will be changes worthy of note.

Usually at this point, it touches us in writing that as usual, these certifications do not reveal nearly anything, however, this time the surprise in the description of the product Microsoft has been particularly generous of information, citing an autonomy continuous well 20 hours, three settings for the active noise cancellation (which we imagine to have on/off transparency mode) and the invocation of the assistants voice by tapping the controls on the pavilion. Not bad!

There is no detail on pricing and availability, which is to be expected. Who knows if this time will arrive officially in Italy, unlike in the first generation.