Google has announced that the video-conferencing feature on the Meet will be available free of charge to all in the month of may.


All users with Google account can use the free Google Meet for video conferencing, given that the service will not be exclusive to only paying members of the G-Suite. The initiative will be valid only for the month of may, unless subsequent extensions.

With Google Meet, you can make video conferencing up to a maximum of 100 participants, schedule meetings and enable features such as screen sharing. It is, therefore, an ideal platform for the smart working and meeting at a distance, especially now that it will be available free of charge. There sorprenderemmo if many users will migrate from the Zoom to Google Meet in the coming weeks.

These are the words of Google:

We have invested years in making the Meet a video conferencing solution secure, which is deemed reliable by schools, governments and enterprises around the world and in the last few months we have accelerated the release of capabilities to make it even more useful.

Starting from the beginning of may, anyone who has an email address can join to Meet and enjoy many of the same features available to our users and business school, such as scheduling and the sharing of the screen, the subtitles in real time and the layout that suit your preferences , including a side by side view expanded.

Google Meet usually imposes a time limit of 60 minutes to meetings for non-paying site users, but the company is raising the limit for all holders of a Google account. Given the recent problems of Zoom, Google would also like to stress the privacy and security of the platform: the meeting video are encrypted and all the records stored in Google Drive are encrypted after saving.

Anyone who is interested in using Google Meet can download the iOS app from the App Store.