Among the features absent in the latest generation of the device Surface, the one presented with the event of October 2 last, there is the Thunderbolt. Complaints for the lack of it are received from several parts, but the first of these days Microsoft , he had never pronounced on the matter in an official way.

Surface without Thunderbolt because it is not safe

He did as you can see in the tweet attached below that contains a short video (starting from minute 1:28). The explanation is simple: the technology is not considered to be sufficiently secure, at least not as regards the use with the Windows operating system 10, since it provides a direct access to the memory by exposing the user to some risks that the group of Redmond would prefer to avoid at the origin. It would be sufficient to connect a stick to compromise the security of a computer and its information.

Surfaces don’t have Thunderbolt because its insecure 🙃

— WalkingCat (@h0x0d) April 25, 2020

In the same video is dealt with, another question, also a source of criticism for the range Surface: theinability to perform an upgrade of the RAM. The modules present in the devices are not removable, since otherwise, and with the use of liquid nitrogen, an attacker would be able to perform the reading or the copying of all the data contained in them, simply relying on an external accessory. A type of attack that, according to the engineer of Microsoft is not unusual.