According to the estimates of the market-maintained Global Market Insights, by 2025 the market of VPS will exceed the threshold of $ 2.5 billion, while the data of 2018 experienced a trend around the us $ 1.1 billion. This growth is due in particular to the increase in the number of web sites, e-commerce, which require flexibility to meet peaks of demand one-time or seasonal.

The virtual private servers are an excellent compromise between the freedom of the administration of server bare metal and the flexibility offered by virtualization, and meet the companies in terms of monitoring of the infrastructure, test environments, pre-production, and hosting web sites. OVHcloud has launched a new offer VPS, broader, scalable, and accessible with a few clicks at the address

Easy to configure and manage with a few clicks, your new VPS OVHcloud&cmp=it_int_2020_ovh_cloud_baremetal_newvps_awareness_reach&crtive=dimg_halfpage_300x250_v1 offer great flexibility and have a performance of up to 50% higher than the previous range.

This new range is now available in 5 configurations, ranging from Starter to Elite, but all are characterized by transparent prices and affordable, from 3 to 100 euro per month excluding VAT, and provide a total control of costs. The new VPS include unlimited traffic with a maximum bandwidth up to 2 Gbps. The VPS Elite customizable also offer large capacity of vCPU, RAM and storage. And, to ensure that the infrastructure is scalable in function of the operations, the customers can now monitor the use of their resources and resize them, if necessary, in a few clicks from your own dedicated space.

There are many integrated services, both for the development of projects for the implementation of the virtual instances in a multi-cloud, including security, anti-DDoS, the choice of place of residence of the data, as well as the reversibility and interoperability of the client code is completely guaranteed. In addition, the available options include additional disks, snapshots, IP fail-over and automatic backup, all prices transparent and predictable.

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