With features designed for productivity and multimedia entertainment, the Lenovo V55T is now available on eBay at a price of 399,99 euro, a good offer for those looking for a desktop PC a versatile and economic. It has everything you need for work from home or in the office, just connect it to a monitor and the game is done.

The desktop PC Lenovo V55T to 399,99 euro on eBay

These are the technical specifications included in the tower: AMD processor Ryzen 3 3200G, integrated video card AMD Radeon Vega 8, 8 GB of RAM DDR4, SSD 256 GB for data storage, an optical drive for CD and DVD (also burner), power supply unit 180 W. The preinstalled operating system is Windows 10 in the Pro version.

Il computer desktop Lenovo V55T

Depending on the space available on the desk or the requirements of each can be attached to the Lenovo V55T the monitor is most suitable: among those proposed in the bid today on eBay, we point out the model HP N220 from 21.5-inch to 74.99 euro and the largest Acer R270 27-inch 154,72 euro. All of the products shown in this article were shipped from Italy without any additional cost for home delivery.