Among the consequences of the health crisis that is keeping you stuck at home users all over the world, there is also the one linked to a strong increase in online scams. A theme of which we have already written several times on these pages in the last period, picked up today from a blogpost of Google.

Coronavirus and online scams: Google makes the point

The team of bigG identified threats, with a particular focus on messaging related to COVID-19, and malware hidden in websites that replicate the pages of access to social networks, or healthcare organizations. We add to this the campaigns of phishing scams that lead users to pages with fake through which sottrar their credentials, data concerning methods of payment or with the aim to deceive them with the prospect of a donation to be lawful.

I consigli di Google per difendersi dalle truffe

The advice is always the same: maximum attention , and rely only on authoritative sources (official or institutional) not run into a scam. In this regard, the group of Mountain View has put online a dedicated portal that contains details on common scams and tips to recognize them immediately.