It has now been 7 years since the release of the first version of the Telegram: we spoke about this the first time in February 2014. Since then, much has changed – just take a look at the pictures of the first release – and, on the occasion of the last update just arrived on Android and iOS, Telegram wanted to publish a series of data relating to its own platform, with also a hint for the future:

  • Telegram now has 400 million users monthly. In the last year were 300 million
  • are 1.5 million new users that decide to subscribe daily Telegram
  • Telegram is the social application most downloaded in over 20 Countries
  • in the course of 2020 (there is no date), Telegram will integrate the group video calls, secure within its own platform

The version 6.1 of Telegram for Android and iOS has just landed on their store, and brings with it several new features related to the functionality Quiz introduced in January, surveys, a new list for stickers and more.

To follow the list all the new features newly integrated.

  • New list stickers: Telegram announces the introduction of a new list of stickers that can now search and browse over 20,000 sets of free stickers published in the last 5 years.
  • The new menu of the attachments for Android: the menu of the attachments on Android is concluded by introducing the new animated icons and layers that are expandable which improve the usability and aesthetic appearance.
  • Targetis now finally possible to have fun with friends, throwing darts animated in any chat. To do this you will need to update Telegram to the latest version (only on Android and iOS) and send the following emoji “🎯”.

  • Improvements for macOS: users of Telegram for mac os can now access the Media shared directly from the profile pages redesigned. Is then introduced the new sidebar of folders with icons (already present on Telegram Desktop) and a new photo editor that allows you to draw on the images.
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